general provisions

1 / The seller is responsible for the defects that the product shows when taking over the buyer. The warranty does not apply to wear of the product due to its usual use.

2 / In the case of a defect that can be remedied, the buyer has the right to be removed free of charge and as soon as possible.

3 / If there is a defect that can not be eliminated and which prevents the product from being properly used as a non-defective product, the buyer has the right to exchange the goods.

4 / A defect resulting from inappropriate assembly or inappropriate handling can not be recognized.

5 / Seller's liability does not apply to poorly packed and misdirected shipments from the buyer with the goods claimed.


Complaint procedure

1 / The goods claim must be settled within 30 calendar days of delivery to the seller.

2 / If the seller fails to repair or replace the goods claimed within the set deadline, the buyer is entitled to a new product or the full purchase price.

3 / In the case of a legitimate complaint, the expenses for sending the goods are paid back to the buyer by the seller.

4 / In the case of an unjustified or unrecognized complaint, postage + packing is charged to send back to the buyer.

5 / The Buyer is obliged to inform the seller before dispatching the goods complained of sending the goods.



The goods purchased at this e-shop have the consumer the right to return the buyer within 14 days of receipt of the goods without giving any reason. However, the Buyer is obliged to inform the Seller about this fact, and he is also obliged to pay the seller the cost of the postage + packing. The seller is entitled to deduct from the purchase price the goods to be reimbursed by the buyer, the above costs. The amount of this refunded amount to the buyer is 30 days from the delivery of the goods back to the seller. Another condition is that the returned goods are not damaged and not used. Unrecognized consignments will not be accepted.