Dry Plus

Type Size Color Price Buy
Training 32mm 44,90 € Select
Racing 32mm 69,90 € Select

Flexus Dry Plus is model suitable specially for dry and sandy, also for snow and frozen terrain

Fine tread pattern with special side knobs make the ride light, with sure handling in corners. Specially formulated soft tread compound enhances the tyre shock absorption. Extremely low weight, high TPI count, good resistance against flats.

Dry Plus (Tyres Overview)

Model Type Size Weight Preassure TPI Count Use
Dry Plus Black-Black Training 32mm 370 g max. 4.5 bar (65 p.s.i.) 60 / 90 Cyclo-Cross
Flexus Dry Plus Black-Black Racing 32mm 340 g max. 4.5 bar (65 p.s.i.) 210 / 315 Cyclo-Cross